Englisches Theater "Romy & Julian"

Englisches Theater "Romy & Julian"

Am Mittwoch, den 13. Dezember 2017, besuchten die zweiten und dritten Jahrgänge der HLW Spittal eine Aufführung des Vienna English Theatre.

Prof. Lobak:
The actresses and actors performing ‘Romy and Julian’ by Clive Duncan surprised the students of the HLW Spittal/Drau with a more than current and inspiring version of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Thanks to everybody!

Some students’ opinions:

I was very impressed by this performance, because it shows us a lot - for example that we shouldn't look at people on the outside and that brand clothes aren't that important. We should pay more attention to the inner values of people, and we shouldn't give up when we love someone. The actors and the actresses played their roles very well. All in all, I liked it very much! Corinna F., 3AHW

It was very nice. The good thing is that this show was absolutely made for the youth of today. But at the beginning was it a little bit confusing. The actors were really easy to understand. It was also funny. It is a modern version of Romeo and Juliette. It shows us that the youth of today always look at the external values of other people. Moreover, you have to fight for what you love. Jaqueline, 3AHW

This play shows the old story of Romeo and Juliette from the perspective of today’s life. It’s about appreciation and to accept somebody else with all his or her mistakes. Secondly, it is said that you aren’t your label and you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in and what you prefer. At the end it is mentioned that if you love somebody you have to fight for it. Our opinion of this story is that the actors and actresses played very well and we understood everything quite easily. It was a pleasure to see this unique play. Maxime, Sandra, 3AHW

We the 3AHW had the chance to watch the play "Romy and Julian" in the city hall. The performance was very exciting, and it showed us how Romeo and Juliet would be today. It was very easy to understand the actors and actresses and they had very creative clothes. I would recommend everybody to go to this show. Finally, thanks to our teacher, we had the chance to talk to the actors and actresses and take a picture with them. Annika, 3AHW

In my opinion the performance was very good and funny, but also very meaningful. It says a lot about the youth of today. It showed that everything is dominated by the mobile phone. And it also points out that you shouldn't believe everything you hear. Sometimes you should trust the person you love because maybe she/he says the truth. You are supposed to fight for what you want and the person or things you love. The main actor, who played "Julian" was very funny and I laughed so much whenever he said something. Jasmin S., 3AHW

We watched the theatre performance of Romy & Julian and it was fantastic. I was really fascinated. The performance showed that our society is dominated by the mobile phone. At the end Julian said a very good sentence: Fight for what you love! This is a very good message, because it‘s the truth. Marie G., 3AHW


Englisches Theater "Romy & Julian"





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