“Language week in Brighton” and “English in action”

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Here you can read some comments from students of the 3AHW:

Beautiful Brighton (17. – 24. March 2018)

A few weeks ago I had the chance to go with a little group of the 3AHW and the 3BHW to Brighton.
It was a great experience that I will never forget. The excitement was real when we went on the plane. Our journey started from the small airport in Klagenfurt to London Gatwick. There we got on a bus to our school in Brighton. From the school a taxi drove us to our host family. The first day we went back to London and had a walking tour, after the tour we had the chance to get to know London on our own.
Then we had to go to school every morning, where we got to know some students from Italy. Every afternoon we all did something together or we went back to our hosts.
All in all, I would say that it was really nice and I would like to go back there.
Maxime Mattijssen, 3AHW

Some weeks ago we were in Brighton for 8 days. There we stayed at host families and our family was so nice and we were very sad when we had to say goodbye. We visited London and Canterbury and the rest of the time we had to go to school at “Stafford House School”. At school we had a placement test and then they mixed with an Italian group. It was a very nice experience to talk with people from another country and so we had the chance to talk Italian too. We also saw a lot of Brighton because a guide made a tour with us. It was a very funny time and I would immediately do it again.
Stocker Kathrin, 3AHW


Exciting lessons at school – English in Action (20. – 23. March 2018)

I really benefited from this language project at our school, because I learnt a lot of new things and had a great time. The teachers designed the lessons uniquely and every hour was different and we had a lot of fun.
We played many games and we had to discuss with each other so we spoke English the whole time.
I personally thought even after school in English and it was really nice to notice that I can already manage lots of situation and words in English.
Therefore, I would absolutely recommend making a language week in each class and it would be great if it took place every year to improve your English and to repeat the topics from the whole school year.
Mayer Sandra, 3AHW

I was really excited before the week began. Having one of my favourite subjects 6 hours every day made me feel happy. The two teachers from England, Tess and Adam, were really friendly. We learned about the history of Britain, different jobs, but we could also improve our language skills and we got to know a lot of new words and vocabulary. The funniest part was playing games and little role acting.
The whole week I felt like in an English bubble. When I left school, it was strange to hear all the German speaking people again.
All in all, I can say that the English in Action week was a huge benefit for my knowledge of England and it improved my language. I can totally recommend this programme!
Granig Marilen, 3AHW


More than just motivating feedback …

Thank you folks for the inspiring feedback I got from you. Your comments give us the motivation to continue our language boost for the students of the HLW Spittal in the coming years. Staying in Britain with our students has more or less become a ‘business as usual’ point in our agenda, but having a special time with ‘English in Action’ has been a new experience for all of us. We are very glad that there was such a successful impact of this in-house language training in which the students communicated, played, presented and acted in English for four days, six lessons a day. Obviously, native speakers know the secret of fascinating students for a longer time. We do know that this is a big challenge for us to keep up with this but after all, we promise to do our best to prepare each student in the best way for the future tasks as well.
Finally, I would like to say thank you to our headmaster and all the staff for the cooperative attitude and to all the students who participated intensively in this project.
Mag. Herbert Lobak


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